Business Services

Our business services are targeted towards the development of startup businesses ideas into sustainable models, and the expansion of already existing businesses into the global stage.



Business Consultancy

Do you ready to begin your march towards financial freedom? The first thing you need to do to become a successful business owner is developing a business plan! A business plan breaks down your ambition into achievable goals, milestones and tasks which gives a clear picture of what your business is all about.







Financial Planning

A financial plan breaks down a business into numbers and figures, allowing for long-term projections. Financial planing concludes with an income (profit/loss) statement, cash flow projection and balance sheet.




Business Marketing

Starting a business is not all there is to become successful. A marketing plan helps you determine your target audience, develop a competitive marketing strategy with clear goals, milestones, tasks and teams. Our marketing plans are done based on industry and sector statistics and facts on ground.



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HR Consultancy

The human element of a business is known to be the most important factor to consider in its success.