ICT Services

Our ICT services are centered around providing a potential business idea/concept or an existing business with an online presence. We are specialized in the deployment of innovative custom software to automate complex business processes, as well as the implementation of cloud based technology to simplify daily work processes.



Website Development

We don’t just design a website, we provide you with an online presence for your person, your business or brand. We give you a sleek, flat and responsive website with a solid presence on social media. We also help you design your logo and graphic interface.






Custom Software

Do you require a custom mobile app or web-based software that can be used to perform critical tasks for your personal or business needs? We can help with that..






Process Automation

Today, business processes are not meant to be cumbersome and monotonous. Automation software cut down the cost and complexity of daily business processes, leaving management and staff with time to focus on what actually matters – the bottom line!








Cloud Computing

The most effective form of records management is using a cloud interface. In today’s business world, opportunities come both during office and non-office hours. Cloud systems allow businesses to store vital documents and information on a secure online server, which can be accessed anywhere anytime.